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Whitebait cheese Croissant

Fresh Shonan shirasu (baby sardines), savory nori (seaweed), and cheese are sandwiched together in a soft and chewy croissant. The bounty of the sea spreads in every bite.


Whitebait cheese Croissant image

Plain Croissant

The "crispy, chewy and juicy" texture of the dough, made from 100% "Yumechikara" wheat produced in Tokachi, Hokkaido, and the flavor of Japanese fermented butter can be fully appreciated in this excellent product.


Plain Croissant image

Red bean butter Croissant

The croissant made with the finest red bean paste from Odawara's long-established red bean paste factory, which has been in business for nearly 80 years, and Japanese fermented butter. This is our staff's favorite croissant.
It won the Grand Prix at the Japan Food Selection in 2023!


Red bean butter Croissant image

Shounan Whitebait Croissant

Shirasu (Whitebait) topped with nori (seaweed). The flavor is seasoned with soy sauce and sandwiched between croissants. One bite and you will be addicted to this new Japanese style croissant!


Shounan  Whitebait  Croissant image

Cheese Croissant

Croissant for cheese lovers with a generous sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. The "crispy, chewy, and soft" texture is a perfect match with the cheese!


Cheese Croissant image

Glazed Croissant

Croissant coated with icing. Not too sweet, not too clingy, just the right amount of sweetness to reward a special day♪


Glazed Croissant image


Croissant sandwiched with a generous amount of gelato! A collaboration of our famous croissants and cool, sweet gelato. This is our best dessert!


Gelato@Croissant image

Enoshima Gelato&Croffle

Warm, crispy, fluffy croffle topped with gelato! Gelato is available in a choice of two of eight varieties.


Enoshima Gelato&Croffle image
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